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customer testimonial

“We’ve built a cult following among chefs with our tuna program that incorporates FoodTouch®. All of our tuna is cut to order and wrapped in the special green paper. It adds tremendous value for the chefs.”

Cheryl Fuller
Director of Fresh Seafood Operations
Halperns’ Steak & Seafood in Atlanta, Ga.
Ms. Fuller has used FoodTouch® green Tuna Paper Wrap since 2010.

Seafood Processor Industry

FoodTouch® paper products offer an active, simple, and smart solution that helps processors to better manage their valuable fish throughout the chain of custody. Unlike traditional passive products, FoodTouch is the active packaging alternative that helps keep food looking fresh. Its multi-faceted structure and antimicrobial-protected surface supports operational best practices.

Retains Color

  • Delays Oxidation – surface contact curbs against discoloration because the paper’s multi-faceted structure (airflow, moisture-wicking, natural oil retention) works to slow the rate of the destructive oxidation process on the fish flesh
  • Promotes Blooming – pores paper structure allows breathing that maintains the species natural color


Shields Texture

  • Wicks Excess Moisture – paper under layer pulls moisture away from fish surface leaving the surface drier
  • Oil Barrier – non-absorbent layer keeps natural fish oils in fish keeping its natural preservative intact
  • Slime Factor – surface contact eliminates the characteristics of filmy slime on the surface keeping the fish visually dryer, firmer and dense
  • Wet Strength – plastic structure doesn’t break down when soaked; easily releases and peels off without tearing leaving the fish clean

Reduces Off Odors

  • Active Properties – treated protected paper surface resists odor-causing organisms resulting in less smell
  • Moisture Trapping – an interleave layer between stacked fish works to gather raw juices from pooling at bottom of the container where odors originate
  • Sanitation – an interleave layer between stacked fish using the protected paper surface promotes a cleaner packing environment that supports operational best practices


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