Company Overview


MicrobeGuard is a product innovation company that designs, manufactures, and markets user application, antimicrobial protected paper products. MicrobeGuard products deliver a multi-dimensional, robust, solution that directly impacts the bottom line of target businesses and addresses the needs of health-conscious consumers.

The company holds a utility patent that protects its current and future products.


Active Packaging Pioneer

It is a rare business juncture when a market opportunity and product development are so in sync with each other. With the emerging active and intelligent packaging industry that has gained worldwide acceptance, MicrobeGuard has become the “first to market” active packaging product developer and manufacturer in multiple industries. 

MicrobeGuard’s FoodTouch® product line is the first commercialized active packaging paper products used by recognized food companies nationally and internationally. The products are currently sold to industry leaders in the Processor, Foodservice, and Grocery food segments.

MicrobeGuard products are a proven commodity in the emerging worldwide active packaging industry marketplace. The company has pioneered a new active packaging paper market that it will dominate across multiple industry segments.