About FoodTouch®

FoodTouch® is a registered trademark; the product line is used from start to finish in the chain of custody of food companies when they are processing, holding, storing, or transporting foods while in their possession and within the operations. In the food industry, the products are used as tray liners, food covers, interleave between stacked foods, and wrapping. MicrobeGuard is also introducing a FoodTouch® Seafood System™ for grocers that will revolutionize and standardize the way fish is handled, stored, and displayed across all locations within a grocery chain, as well as support consistent adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The products are offered in multiple colors and various substrates and formulations to fit different applications. The products are sold in various sizes by the case, by the roll, and a roll in a dispenser box. Custom sizes and quantities are also available that can be made within the standard operational procedures.

MicrobeGuard’s FoodTouch® antimicrobial protected paper products stay strong when wet, does not absorb natural oils like traditional papers, reduces off­odors, wicks away excess moisture and allows food to breath unlike plastic wraps that suffocate foods.

Industries Served

Seafood Processors: Premier seafood processors worldwide use a variety of FoodTouch® products and the Green Tuna Wrap for keeping tuna looking bright in color and protected during transport to their customers. 

Foodservice: Premier restaurants use FoodTouch® products to keep their proteins’ color and texture during storage, and throughout their food handling processes.

Grocery: Premier grocers use FoodTouch® products to keep their seafood protected during storage, handling, display, rotation, and through consumer take-home.


Food Contact Applications

Liner/Cover: A food storage utensil that fits all types of pans, trays, food tubs, and containers. Also used to line ice displays to prevent ice burn and contamination.

Interleave: Used for stacking food for overnight storage, transporting foods safer in shipping containers, and for saving valuable storage and display space by allowing better use of trays, storage containers and refrigeration shelves.

Wrap: Used for wrapping individual portions to eliminate excessive handling while in storage, as a wrap at the time of cutting to keep food separated and to help prevent cross contamination, and as a packaging wrap or inner liner for consumer sales.