Business Achievements

  1. The original pioneer of the antimicrobial protected paper industry.
  2. The first and only commercial active packaging product in the market.
  3. Has a market ready product line with a history of sales in three food segments: Processor, Foodservice, and Grocery.
  4. Early adopter and pioneer in the new, emerging global, active and intelligent packaging industry.
  5. Awarded a patent and trademarks, which protects a wide range of antimicrobial protected paper product applications, now and into the future.
  6. Products are acceptible for direct food contact in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.
  7. Has developed FoodTouch®, a suite of antimicrobial protected paper products, today that meets the active and intelligent packaging industry guidelines.
  8. Built brand awareness for FoodTouch® as the only active packaging paper product line available today.
  9. Established brand awareness and credibility within the three major food industry segments (Processor, Foodservice, and Grocery) with the product line currently in use in some of the most respected food companies in each segment.
  10. Developed and manufacutres a pet related product sold to consumers through a major national pet supply retailer.


Our Competitive Advantage

MicrobeGuard is a product innovation company that designs, manufactures, and markets user application, antimicrobial protected paper products that directly impacts the bottom line of target businesses and addresses the needs of health-conscious consumers.

MicrobeGuard established the product value of the antimicrobial protected technology as a viable component for all companies in their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).