Current State

MicrobeGuard products have successfully achieved “early adopters” status with expanding sales from a growing number of new and repeat customers, and are positioned to quickly achieve “early majority” status. By leveraging a strategy of alignment and partnerships that offers broader representation and distribution, MicrobeGuard products will accelerate penetration into its target market segments and quickly build sales volumes necessary for profitability.

MicrobeGuard’s FoodTouch® product line is currently sold to industry leaders in the Processor, Foodservice, and Grocery food segments. 

Today, MicrobeGuard is developing products to deepen its FoodTouch line. Leveraging its success in the commercial food industry, MicrobeGuard is also developing food related products for the consumer retail market. In addition, the company will be developing products for the active sports market, medical, and pet industries.

MicrobeGuard products have become a proven commodity in the emerging worldwide active packaging industry marketplace. The company has pioneered a new active packaging paper market that is within its grasp to dominate across multiple industry segments.


Growth Trends

While the food industry with its heightened concerns with food preservation and safety has been the focal point of MicrobeGuard’s market efforts, but because of its product flexibility and technology, there are many other industries to explore.

  • There is worldwide consensus to protect the global food supply with all available means (creating new opportunities for active and intelligent packaging products).
  • Pressure to find products that extend shelf life have increased dramatically, and companies are more driven to find new concepts for their existing operations (there is race to bring products to market that fill the growing demand).
  • Preserving food and extending shelf life helps manage/reduce supply chain costs by reducing fuel, transportation and labor requirements.
  • The active and intelligent packaging industry has a significant role to play in the reduction of food waste, it directly impacts environmental issues, and addresses public concerns.
  • The active and intelligent packaging industry touches all aspects of the food industry from “farm to fork”, producer, wholesaler, and consumer.
  • There is growing interest and need for antimicrobial food related paper products for the worldwide consumer retail market.
  • Other burgeoning industries and markets for product development include the active sports market, medical, and pet industries.


Product Markets in Development

  • Commercial Medical
  • Consumer Retail Grocery
  • Consumer Retail Outdoorsman
  • Consumer Retail Active Sports
  • Consumer Retail Pet Supplies