New StayFresh Wrap® for the Home Chef

MicrobeGuard’s new consumer brand StayFresh Wrap® is the right antimicrobial protected kitchen utensil that keeps food looking fresher longer for the specialty and organic foods market and the health conscience home chef.

MicrobeGuard’s StayFresh Wrap® is an antimicrobial protected paper product kitchen utensil that keeps food fresher longer. Designed for the quality minded, health conscience home chef, it stays strong when wet, does not absorb natural oils like traditional papers, reduces off­odors, wicks away excess moisture and allows food to breath unlike plastic wraps that suffocate foods. StayFresh Wrap® is made of the same patented coating formula and construction as the popular commercial FoodTouch® product line. The primary benefits of the StayFresh Wrap® relating to food is; the extension of shelf life and added food safety. It improves overall food quality by keeping the appearance of freshness, affecting the sensory properties (texture, odor, color) as well as providing a sanitary surface liner and wrap for all food contact applications. It is a perfect addition to the gourmet kitchen for the health conscience home chef.


StayFresh Table

Food Contact Applications

Liner and Cover: A food storage utensil for all types of pans, trays, and containers. Also used in the freezer to prevent burn and contamination.

Interleave: Used for stacking perishable foods for storage, during food preparation, and for transporting foods safer and fresher in coolers and shipping containers.

Wrap: Used for wrapping individual portions to eliminate excessive handling while in the refrigerator or freezer, and as a wrap at the time of cutting to keep food separated to help with cross contamination. StayFresh Wrap® is designed to work with fresh fish, meat, poultry, and cheeses. It is also very effective in keeping fruits and vegetables looking fresher longer.


Coming First Quarter 2019